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Jun 6, 2019 1:37:13 PM / by Kristin Canty

In 2019, we are spending most of our time indoors, under artificial light, many of us eating processed foods. The amount of radiation, chemicals, pollutants are growing as technology increases and our lifestyles, jobs, habits are keeping us indoors. Anxiety, depression, sleep problems and gut problems are also at an all time high.

Imagine if we could go back to listening to our circadian rhythms, foraging for our food, eating and sleeping according to the solar day, and tuning into our own ancient wisdom and creativity.


Well we can...for a weekend.

When: Friday August 2nd through Sunday August 4th

Where: The Farm at Woods Hill in Bath, NH

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Who: Join Primal Hacker Thaddeus Owen, Foraging Primal Chef Nick..., Meditation artist Heidi Sime and Kristin Canty at The Farm at Woods Hill for a relaxing weekend of yoga, qui gong, movement, foraging, primal eating, and learning and living by our own circadian rhythms and ancient human wisdom.

All of the foraged food, movement, classes are included

One king in room with private bath $2000 double occupancy

(I have two king rooms with a private bath)

I queen room shared bath $1500 double occupancy

1 full shared bath $1000

2 full beds shared bath $1600 double occupancy

1 full bed shared bath in room with two bunks $800

Bunk beds in shared rooms shared baths $600/each 




Thaddeus Owen

Thaddeus began his journey outdoors, camping and fishing as a boy in the Adirondacks and Central NY forests. After a decade spent developing pharmaceutical products, he just couldn’t face another day adding terrible ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and numerous red dyes into children’s medicine. He shifted gears and engineered a successful work from home assignment following Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Workweek. From there, he was able to find a way to incorporate more movement, nature and sunshine into his work environment.

After learning about biohacking in 2009 from the man who coined the term, Dave Asprey, Thaddeus healed his own anxiety, lowered his blood pressure and fixed his sleeplessness using biohacking, PrimalHacking and Qigong. He spends his free time experimenting on himself in hopes of helping others on their journey. These days he studies Nature, Sunshine, and EMF and educates others on how to become optimally healthy using light and avoiding EMF.

Thaddeus is a certified Bulletproof Coach from the first ever class of coaches, holds a personal training certification, nutrition certification, Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and studied Chemical Engineering a long time ago.

Learn more about the Chief Workplace Hacker | PrimalHacker.com


Chef Nic 

An executive chef since 2002, Nic has launched, run and redeveloped restaurants and food-service programs in Nevada, California, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota. He has cooked for many elite figures such as Madeline Albright, Micheal Pollan, Arun Gandhi, Wailin' Jennys, the King and Queen of Norway and Five for Fighting, along with independent contracting for the bullet proof executive himself, Dave Asprey.

In 2011, Nic retired from his executive chef role and left "the corporate lifestyle" to pursue self-training (and shortly after, training many others who sought him out) with functional fitness and Paleo nutrition. He began racing for the first time with this new-found energy, strength and passion, and began to consistently win national obstacle course races and competitions. Quickly becoming a public figure and personality for Paleo nutrition and ancestral health, he designed BEING|HUMAN|OPTIMIZATION|COACHING to bring more awareness and accessibility for ancestral nutrition, his four pinnacle pillars are nutrition, environment , resiliency, and movement.

His keen eye for recognizing patterns of behavior and movement may be a genetic gift but it’s taken years to recognize the gift and help others change tap into their true primal identities and begin BEING|HUMAN, this quote from Lao Tzu epitomizes the the essence of his passion for connection in all the work he does.

''Close your mouth,

block off your senses,

blunt your sharpness,

untie your knots,

soften your glare,

settle your dust.

This is the primal identity.''

~Lao Tzu

Learn more at: Niczahasky.weebly.com 










Heidi Sime

Heidi is an interior designer, educator, biohacker, welder and artist, living and working in the Midwest. Her study began in fine arts. She worked in B/W photography and textiles for several years before moving into Interior Design although she swims daily in a current of creating magical interiors, art making and giving back to her community by sharing her gifts through education. She calls it a trifecta of “facing directions”. For someone who loves art and architecture Health and Wellness… it is an effortless revolution. She uses natural materials such as steel, wood, stone, as well as textiles and paint to express poetry through sculpture. She uses acrylic paints to express her rebellious emotions on a steel canvas. She believes everyone is born with creativity and has the capacity for it. It needs to be nurtured and honored. “I must live by my imagination. I can only think of my work as wabi sabi. The beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Because that is how I define myself and an artist cannot deny themselves by the spirit that lies inside.”

We can't wait to have you join us! 

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Kristin Canty

Written by Kristin Canty

Kristin Canty is a nationally acclaimed filmmaker; farm owner; an avid supporter of small farming, nutrient dense and ancestral foods; and the owner of the Boston area farm-­to-­table restaurant Woods Hill Table.