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Woods Hill Table: Creating Our New England Raw Cheese Tray

Jun 18, 2019 4:29:45 PM / by Kristin Canty

If you ever order the cheese tray at Woods Hill Table, you will notice that it is all raw milk, and it is all from New England. We are so proud to support our local raw milk farmers and I’m going to highlight them in this series along with our vegetable farmers.

WH Cheese Plate

For the full back story of why I’m so passionate about supporting and consuming raw dairy products, you can watch Farmageddon , The unseen War on American Family Farms, my documentary. It can be streamed HERE and HERE

Long story short, my son had asthma as a small child and I read that raw milk could cure asthma…I tried it and it worked.

In New England, we are allowed to buy raw milk directly from the farmers legally. For personal consumption only we are not allowed to buy it wholesale and resell it at the restaurant.

Pam Robinson, from Robinson Farm in Hardwick, MA was one of the first farmers that I ever bought raw milk from. Her farm is 100 percent grass fed and organic, and she takes great pride and care in her farming practices , treatment of the cows and attention to her cheesemaking. We ARE allowed to sell raw milk cheeses that are aged over 60 days, so we are so happy to be switching back and forth between two of Pam’s cheeses: Tekinink and Arpeggio. Currently, tekinink is on the menu and we love it! It’s a raw, hard cheese that pairs well with our biodynamic Verdad Alberino, as well as the nuts, honey and flax seed bread.


You can read more about Ray and Pam Robinson here from the MA Cheese Guild website

You can find a list of raw milk dairies in Massachusetts here




Want to taste our wonderful cheeses? Book a reservation HERE. 



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Kristin Canty

Written by Kristin Canty

Kristin Canty is a nationally acclaimed filmmaker; farm owner; an avid supporter of small farming, nutrient dense and ancestral foods; and the owner of the Boston area farm-­to-­table restaurant Woods Hill Table.