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Jun 26, 2019 5:25:00 PM / by Kristin Canty

There has been so much interest in our biodynamic wines lately and it’s really making us happy. My children went to the Waldorf School, which was founded by Rudolf Steiner, who is also the founder of biodynamics, so biodynamic farming was practiced and ingrained in us. The Waldorf School garden celebrated planting a cow horn full of manure, spread fertilizer, chanted, and planted and harvested by the moon. I thought that this was a fun way to farm for children, incorporating some mysticism and song as well as care for the earth and the soil.

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I was surprised when I met biodynamic winemakers upon opening the restaurant that the grown up winemakers also planted the cow horn, chanted, and celebrated all things introduced by Rudolf Steiner way back in the 1920’s.

Biodynamic is getting more and more credibility in the mainstream given that it’s still a growing movement and the winemakers that I have spoken to could care less if they are criticized for using “voo doo” techniques, as many have told me that their wineries and their wines have never been better. It is quite the impressive commitment to become certified biodynamic. The process takes time and is costly, and it’s overseen by the Demeter Association.

Obviously here at Woods Hill Table we are so supportive of our biodynamic wine partners. They have a huge commitment to soil health and to the health of the ecosystem and their own employees and this health is then passed on to their customers.

From Wikipedia: In a blind tasting of 10 pairs of biodynamic and conventionally made wines, conducted by Fortune and judged by seven wine experts including a Master of Wine and head sommeliers, nine of the biodynamic wines were judged superior to their conventional counterpart.[12] The biodynamic wines "were found to have better expressions of terroir, the way in which a wine can represent its specific place of origin in its aroma, flavor, and texture."[13] Critics caution that such comparisons of wines of the same type need to be controlled for differences in soil and subsoil, and the farming and processing techniques used.[14]

The biodynamic wines we are presently serving at Woods Hill Table include Verdad Alberino, Verdad Tempranillo, Winderlea Pinot Noirs, Qupe Syrah, ABC Chardonnay, Jurge Liner, Odinstal from Germany and Peter & Paul from Austria

More about each one of those wines later or you can certainly come in and ask about them!  Book a reservation HERE. 


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Kristin Canty

Written by Kristin Canty

Kristin Canty is a nationally acclaimed filmmaker; farm owner; an avid supporter of small farming, nutrient dense and ancestral foods; and the owner of the Boston area farm-­to-­table restaurant Woods Hill Table.